About Us

Our Story Description:  

We come from a great land. A land from which we have developed strong roots in hospitality, kindness and sweetness. We believe in keeping our culinary traditions alive by continuing to simply spread love, and heritage amongst everyone over a spoonful of Simply Sesame. 
At Simply, we take pride in sharing these recipes and rich culture with you, one sesame product at a time. From Babylonia to the Far East, people have been consuming sesame seeds—and using them medicinally—for thousands of years. Sesame, a decadent and nutritious seed, is rich in fiber, protein and vitamins and is a great alternative for individuals with nut allergies.  
Simply sesame is a small family owned business. Incorporated under the Sabad Foods Inc — the conception of a nostalgically tasteful spread made of only a handful ingredients took place in 2011. The first jar of Original Simply Sesame was made with love in beautiful San Diego, CA. Throughout our journey, we have grown and thrive to continue on producing sustainable and local delicious treats to make your days a tad bit happier, better, and sweeter. Our dense tahini-based spread was inspired by the famous Halva recipe that our ancient grandparents have passed down, generation to generation.